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(note B)


a word to

empower the powerless -

(Name them ... the Underclass)

never lifts off the page.

Social Security

is a closed book.

My word against their power.

An a-l-y-t-i-c-a-l phonic

a word an an a tick tickle

word pow! her

Tangled in language

When me mum argues

wi me dad

Oiím caught in the middle

grrr gasped on the in-breath

of a scrounged fag

a rumour was started that

me dad abused me

Itís made me dad sick.

Sticks and stones

in the tacky lick

of seaside rock.

Aureate; covered with gold

Sounding like: ears, heard

In my gameboy world of rockets and boosters,

blackholes and meteors

I escape missiles of language,

This is the real world; get real.

Wor(l)d stops at the end of the street,

a clipped consonant.


Notes in a Manor: Of Speaking
Tilla Brading
ISBN: 0-9537634-5-5
£3.50/$7.00  Out of print

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