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After Rain

Sodden and pale
the lawn where the children played

save the bare darkened patch
where the young hero’s bat

tapped the turf into dust
from lunchtime to dusk.

I taste in my tea
the just turned milk,

stare and savour
the wound in the turf -

how it will mend,
is mending already.

I pad around outside,
tip a chair to hear

pooled water sliding
onto the paving stones.

My son appears, warm
and thick with sleep;

for five minutes he squats
to coax a snail.

I pick two cherries,
beaded with rain -

one just ripe,
the other dark and splitting,

its wound
dry as yesterday.

Adrian Buckner was born in 1962, and studied English Literature at Swansea University. He is editor of ‘Poetry Nottingham’ and has published a previous collection, ‘A Blameless Life’(1996).

Adrian Buckner's poems are compressed, epigrammatic and witty, but also evince a sympathy with everyday people in dealing with their lives, families, jobs and quotidian experience. His work represent a view of Englishness, and examines an individual's place within such a construct.

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One Man Queue
Adrian Buckner
ISBN: 0-9535401-3-8
£3.50/$7.00  Out of print