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Andrew Shaw was born in 1973, and has published a previous full-length collection, ‘The Architecture of Shells’ (1997).

This is a remarkable sequence of love poems. Shaw has mapped his emotional landscape with a unique and unforced style. (New Hope International Review)

Read the extract below:

Paper Lampshade Hotel
Andrew Shaw
ISBN: 0-9537634-0-4
£2.50/$5.00  Out of print


manipulating blue into deeper perspective,
you hang from windows with your hair
crazied with breeze. and your eyes.
(which is where i should stop) your eyes,

which pierce further horizons, a little remorseful
with tears, that this place, this position of design,
does not offer true light, or display full ability,
but contrives to net you in, to hang upon my wall.

but if there were a true independence,
considering my involvement, i would come
to the tip of your perspective, gladly,
documenting how you came to carry me there.