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Catherine Wagner is an American poet with a growing reputation. She has published a pamphlet, ‘Hotel Faust’ (West House Books, UK), and two full-length collections, ‘Miss America’ and ‘Macular Hole’ (Fence Books, USA). She lives in Boise, Idaho.

From the completion of the human body arise the actions of the human mind; it is these that Wagner charts, with affection, detachment, a measured embarrassment, and a calculated grossness, in defiance of all recommendation." (Fence)

The poems have an incidental note-book quality that makes them very readable and immediate. They seem simple, but they are fluid and flexible, they transform, take great leaps, and are unafraid. As a result they’re full of startling imagery and a strangeness. They move from the ordinary to the miraculous with ease so that, for me they’re full of precision and clarity." (Dianne Darby, The Word Hoard)

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Catherine Wagner
ISBN: 0-9535401-1-1
£3.50/$8.00  Out of print

y greed was outrageous