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Theodore Enslin - A Select Bibliography

The Work Proposed (Origin Press, 1958)
The Place Where I Am Standing: Poems (Elizabeth Press, 1964)
This Do (Ediciones El Corno Emplumado, 1966)
To Come, To Have Become: Poems 1961-66 (Elizabeth Press, New York, 1966)
New Sharon's Prospect & Journals (Coyote's Journal, 1966/1967)
The Four Temperaments (1966)
Characters in Certain Places (1967)
The Diabelli Variations, and Other Poems (Matter, New York, 1967)
2/30-6/31 (Vermont Stoveside Press, 1968)
Agreement and Back: Sequences (Elizabeth Press, 1969)
Forms 1-5 (Elizabeth Press, 1970-1974)
Views 1-7 Berkeley, CA: Maya (1970)
The Poems (Elizabeth Press, New Rochelle, NY, 1970)
The Country of Our Consciousness (Jack Shoemaker, Berkeley, 1971)
Etudes (Elizabeth Press, 1972)
Sitio (Granite Publications, 1973)
The Swamp Fox (Salt-Works Press, Dennis, Mass, 1973)
Views ( The Elizabeth Press, 1973)
With Light Reflected: Poems 1970-1972 (Sumac, Fremont, Michigan, 1973)
The Mornings (Shaman Drum, 1974)
Fever Poems (Blackberry One, 1974)
Forms Coda (The Elizabeth Press, New York, 1974)
Of East Dennis: The Highlands in Sorrow (Lodestar Press, exact year not known: 197-?)
Mahler (Black Sparrow Press, 1975)
Ländler (Elizabeth Press, 1975)
Synthesis (North Atlantic books, 1975)
The Median Flow: Poems 1943-1973 (Black sparrow Press, 1975)
Synthesis 1-24 (North Atlantic Books, 1975)
The July Book (Sand Dollar, 1976)
The Further Regions ( Pentagram Press, Milwaukee, 1976)
Carmina (Salt Works Press, 1976)
Papers (Elizabeth Press, New Rochelle, NY,1976)
Ascensions (Black Sparrow Press, 1977)
Ranger CXXII & CXXVIII (Rhinebeck: Station Hill, 1977, 1977)
Circles (Great Raven Press, 1977)
Concentrations (Salt-works Press, 1977)
Ranger (North Atlantic Books, 2 vols. 1978 corrected edition 1980)
Tailings (Pentagram Press, 1978)
Occurrence: An Issue of Theodore Enslin (1978)
16 Blossoms in February (1978)
May Fault (Great Raven, Fort Kent:, 1979)
Opus 31, no. 3 (Membrane Press, 1979)
2 Plus 12 (Salt-Works, 1979)
The Fifth Direction (Pentagram, 1980)
The Flare of Beginning Is in November (J. Davies, 1980)
Star Anise (Pentagram Press, 1980)
Two Geese: Two Poems (Pentagram, 1980)
Madrigal (Pentagram, 1980)
In Duo Concertante ( Pentagram Press, 1981)
Axes 52 (Ziesing Brothers, 1981)
Markings (Membrane Press, 1981)
Processionals (Salt-Works Press, 1981)
September’s Bonfire (Potes & Poets Press, Needham, Mass., 1981)
“F. P.” (Ziesing Brothers Book Emporium, 1982)
Meditations on Varied Grounds (Potes & Poets Press, Hartford, Conn, 1982)
Fragments Epigrammata (Salt-Works Press, Vin, 1982)
A Man in Stir (1983)
Grey Days (Last Straw Press, Southampton, 1984)
Songs w/out Words (1984)
The Weather Within (North Atlantic Books, 1985)
For Mr. Walters: Master Mechanic (1985)
The Path Between (1986)
The Waking of the Eye (Stingy Artist / Last Straw, 1986)
Case Book (1987)
Six Pavannes (1987)
From Near the Great Pine (Spoon River Poetry Pr, Peoria,IL, 1988)
Love and Science (1990)
Little Wandering Flake of Snow (1991)
Mad Songs (1995)
Music in the Key of C (Pavement Saw Press, 1995)
Conversations (Meeting Eyes Bindery, 1998)
Skeins (Longhouse, 1998)
Sequentiae (Stop Press, 1999)
Then and Now: Selected Poems, 1943-1993 (National Poetry Foundation, 1999)
Re-Sounding: Selected Later Poems (Talisman House, 1999)
The Roads Around Jenkins (First Intensity, 2000)
In Tandem (Stop Press, 2003)
Nine (National Poetry Foundation, 2004)
Four Ages of Man (Country Valley Press - Empty Hands Broadside Series, 2006)
I, Benjamin (MacPherson, 2010)
To an Unknown Shore (Skysill Press, 2013)


This bibliography is an extension of the one published on Bob Arnold's blog, 'A Longhouse Birdhouse', with some added information about publishers, and with some additional titles.

Thanks to Ed Baker for providing additional titles and information.